Sunday, January 31, 2010

OG Duck Boots

So i came across this the other day. It seems that L.L. Bean...yup, has decided to bring in a creative collaborator from Rogues Gallery to their design team. So the first project they decided to bring back the OG Duck Boot....1912. Look out for the release this spring!!



Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Morning

Aright so this is Zeko, and im in religion class thinking about this weekend to come. Knowing that it will be full of GIFTS PARTYS 4LOKO AND PEACH RINGS CANNOT GET ME ANYMORE EXCITED!..Im hosting a party on Saturday called Midtown Madness MAKE SURE YOU SAY MY NAME AT THE DOOR ZANDER, AND ILL GET A BIGGER CUT OUT OF THE PROFITS.(facebook link will be located below) and its gunna be LIVE AS HELL in a 7000sq ft loft on 36th st. My Birthday is Monday therefore i have 2 birthday weekends =p yeah im kinda cheating n shit, but hey...wouldn't you?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chris Cash and Mach 5 Tearing up Crooklyn

The party scene for the past 2 weeks has been pretty Wild, and we made sure not to miss out on one bit of it..College soon approaches all of the members of Mach 5 and we just tryna LIVE IT UP YA DIGG!


Bushwick Blowout

Buggin at sum Niggas Free Crib

Mach 5's 2 Ballers Victory over Calhoon 59-25

Zeko with a solid 14 points had to step out of his position to play the 5 position when Center Taj was injured in the 1st quarter. Zeko CAUGHT HIS 1ST DUNK IN HIS BFS BASKETBALL CARRER AT 5'10...THAT NIGGA GOT BUNGIES

Shaq with 17 Points and MAD ASSISTS! lead the team at Point Gaurd and controlled the tempo throughout the game. Countless drives to the basket is what, and great skill coming from the leading scorer was really what proved that Mach 5 and the BFS basketball team is an all around POWERHOUSE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Current Members of Mach 5

Zeko Ez Daley

JSlick Ohayon

Kwami 'Venom' Ketosugbo

Shaquille Shuttlesworth